Food Pantry

Our food pantry is helping more and more people every month. At this time of year your contributions are needed all the more. Many people are experiencing for the first time the need to ask for help in feeding their families. As more people lose their jobs they will need help from the rest of us to feed their families nutritious meals. 
There are many jobs to be done including:

  • record-keeping,
  • unloading a pick-up truck filled with boxes of canned goods,
  • bagging up the food and
  • handing out food.

It’s not a rocket science kind of job but it is an important part of the ministry. Come early before the best jobs are taken!

This month I want to say “Thank you” to every one who made donations to the Food Pantry. We always have a few new families and after giving them some products from here, we direct them to agencies in this area that can help with utilities or rent payments. They are all invited to join us for Wednesday night supper and on Sunday for Worship. We are about the only Food Pantry in the area that doesn’t give USDA food stuffs so these families can come to us twice a month and to another area food pantry once a month. That means that together we are feeding them for about six days a month. That is a help for them but they still need food for the other 24-25 days.

We had one sweet woman who came for the first time and was really embarrassed and nervous because she needed help. She signed up, got some groceries and some clothes before leaving here in a much better frame of mind. 

That leads me to what I want to say about the Food Pantry giving more than food and clothing. The women who work in our pantry also pass along the love and goodness of God. I wish you could all take a turn (it is not just “women’s work”) working in the Food Pantry so you could listen to the counsel, comfort and life lessons that are given out with each bag of food. What the workers give is given freely, without condemnation, from the heart and supplied by God through this congregation. If it were not for this mission of Primrose United Methodist Church, many would go hungry and hopeless. You have made it possible for the Food Pantry to help meet the needs of others.

Currently, our Food Pantry is running a summer schedule, and is open Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 – Noon on these dates ONLY:
July 14, 15
July 28, 29
August 11, 12
August 25, 26

You may contribute by sending a check to:
“Food Pantry”
Primrose United Methodist Church
3006 West Dixon Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72206