UM Youth

The youth group has been very active and they have a number of things noted on the calendar, but at the time of this writing they are preparing for their trip to Rogers, Arkansas for VERITAS.  I only got to go last year by accident but it was an unforgettable experience.  There is just something about being in a huge room full of teenagers expressing their faith in whatever way they feel most comfortable.  Some people would be amazed at how many teens claim to be agnostic or atheist these days.  Worship and focusing on God is not encouraged as openly as it was a few years ago, and you might even say it is discouraged more often than not.  That is why VERITAS is such an amazing chance for the youth to get with kids who are exploring their faith and finding themselves in a world that tries so hard to function without the Holy Spirit.  So rather than give a rundown of all the upcoming events in this article I just want to ask that you pray for our youth.  Not just for the trip but that they find the courage to BE Christians.  That if they are struggling with their spirituality then they continue to seek answers and guidance rather than giving up the search for the answers that are not always crystal clear.  As adults we understand that the answers don’t make as much sense without the knowledge you gain through the journey, and although teenagers are just now starting to come to that understanding, that doesn’t make the trip any less laborious.  VERITAS sold out this year so we will be a maximum capacity, and we pray that every person there gets to experience the presence of God and feels the blessings He has in store.

Thanks always!!
Shawna Willingham

The beginning of the year is such an exciting time! Already in January 2014 the youth are in action and planning events to enhance their relationships with God.
January 18th through the 20th we had 2 kids attend the Chrysalis flight in Little Rock, and the enthusiasm they obtained is encouraging and contagious. They were so grateful for the time they were able to spend with the other 45 youth, the friends they obtained, and the love they felt from their friends, family and church members through prayer and letters. We hope that you all will continue to pray for them that they are able to maintain and nurture those relationships they developed in those 3 days.

February 28th through March 2nd we have 3 kids and 4 adults traveling to Rogers, Arkansas for VERITAS. Please pray for safe travels, wonderful fellowship and that the experience enhances their lives as only hundreds of United Methodist youth can do.

The kids are looking at the calendar to try and plan a special dinner night as a fundraiser followed by a lock-in and we will update everyone once the details are final. We are also planning a trip to the local Heifer International to become more aware of how Heifer Villages work and possibly provide some support for that organization.

The Sunday school class is about 6 weeks through confirmation. This has been a great time for them to ask questions, share their views and open up about their beliefs. We plan to be finished by Easter and are prayerful that they will gain whatever knowledge they need to help them. It has been a really great experience for the adults as well, to learn things we did not know and to hear how the teenagers interpret various subjects.

As always, please continue to lift our youth group up in prayer. As many of you probably remember, this is very challenging time in life, but they continue to struggle with grace and we are very lucky to have them as a part of our congregation.

Shawna Willingham