Children’s Ministries

Primrose Promise

Primrose Promise is intended to encourage students to make excellent grades, be above average citizens, and attend Sunday school and worship God.
Every participating student must meet the following standards:

  • No more than 3 absences from any class in which you are scheduled to attend
  • Must have a C or better in behavior
  • Must attend Sunday school and Worship in Primrose United Methodist Church at least 2 times per month
  • Special rewards may be available for those that have perfect attendance in Sunday school and worship at Primrose United Methodist Church

Skipping school, suspensions from school, or expulsion from school disqualifies the student from any rewards during that grading period. Student may participate in the next grading period.
Those who participate in this program may expect (and will receive) the following rewards (both positive and negative):
If the class score received is: The reward will be:
D= – $1 (that is, the student owes $1)
F= – $2 (that is, the student owes $2)