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United Methodist Women Garden

The United Methodist Women Gardening Circle starts back Monday, March 10th at 6:30 p.m.
Join us as we enjoy God’s landscape around our church – planting, sharing, praying, and weeding. God put humans in his garden to “till it and keep it.” (Genesis 2:15) We are simply carrying on the tradition.
Remembering that we “reap what we sow,” we hope to see you in the garden on Monday. “Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.”Pink_Primrose

United Methodist Women’s Mission Study

United Methodist Women from all over were invited to attend a Mission Study at Camp Aldersgate in Little Rock. Four of Primrose’s United Methodist Women attended and had a wonderful time. Reverend Pam Estes (Lakeside, Pine Bluff) lead a discussion on “The Call: Living Sacramentally, Walking Justly.”
Groups participated by asking questions of one another on things such as up-bringing and favorite scripture verses to give us insight into our Christian faith-walk. A gifted speaker, Reverend Estes asked the hard questions, but kept our attention while gently urging us to self examination.
One of the questions we wrestled with was: “Do you expect to be a means of grace?”  Even at Wal-Mart? the hairdresser? Did you know that how you live makes a difference in more lives than just your own?
Reverend Estes spoke about the work of the UMW and the times that people get tired, weary, or worn down completing the same tasks time and again, but reminded us to pull our strength from God because there is no such thing as retirement from the UMW.
If we try to follow the model of Jesus we will lead a life others can see like a beacon. The model Jesus set for us really is easy; healing (did you know listening is a form of healing?), hospitality (at more than just church), and hope (give it, get it, be it). This is a life we all can live out one day at a time.
As we move towards the Lenten season, she challenged us to give up more than just food. Try  taking up a way to break the bonds of oppression, perhaps ones you’ve even set for yourself. This mission study was a wonderful blessing and inspiration.

United Methodist Women Officers

Our new officers started the new year with a bit of learning and fellowship.
President Laurie Bulice, Vice President Minnie Beth White, Secretary Gale Taylor, and Treasurer Frances Dorough attended the officers training. Afterwards they set a tentativeumwblue calendar for 2014 events. One such event will be February 22 at Primrose.